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11 hours ago
ver the past few decades, the role of religion and spirituality in health and mental health clients’ lives has caught the attention of a variety of helping professionals, including social workers. Research indicates that not only does the inclusion of religion and spirituality have the potential [...]
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8 hours ago
NHS watchdog’s report sounds alarm that accessing care for under-18s in England takes so long, amid self-harm concernsChildren with mental health problems are waiting up to 18 months to be treated, a government-ordered report will reveal next week, in an indictment of the poor care many receive.A [...]
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9 hours ago
Graham Thompson on the changing dividing line; Graham Cook on the thatching divide; and Ian Beckwith has a historical perspectiveYou report that Max Adams identifies the “Watford Gap” as a point on the dividing line between “north” and “south” based on the apparent progress of Viking set[...]
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10 hours ago
n 2010, Kentucky pulled funding for family drug courts, including Louisville’s. This court was for parents who had social services take their children away because of neglect or abuse as a result of addiction. Instead of going through the process of ...
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10 hours ago
ethany was still at school when she became homeless. Her mum was a drug user and she had been struggling with debts. She was just 17 when she had to leave home. “For quite a few years the only reason I’d been to school was so that I could have a meal ...
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10 hours ago
My friend Clara Malagon-Gonzalez, who has taken her own life at the age of 22, was a critical care nurse at Manchester Royal Infirmary and a kind, bright and effervescent person who brought light and joy into many people’s lives.She had qualified as a nurse a year before her death, and was enormou[...]
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12 hours ago
Findings are a cause for concern and symptom of the ‘over-medicalising of human distress’, says co-author of report using NHS dataThe use of electroconvulsive therapy to treat serious mental health problems is more prevalent in women and older individuals, researchers have found.The study, which[...]
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13 hours ago
Neave Brown has long been a beacon of hope. Now he has been awarded architecture’s highest honour, we should learn from him to reimagine social housing Paul Karakusevic is founder of Karakusevic Carson ArchitectsWhen I was a student in the early 1990s, discovering the work of architect Neave Brown[...]
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15 hours ago
Anne Longfield provoked a reaction but the confrontation is in danger of obscuring the issues around mental health services she wanted to highlightThe mauling of NHS England chief executive Simon Stevens by children’s commissioner Anne Longfield over mental health services is a rare example of bru[...]
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17 hours ago
I have never before talked about the sexual harassment I experienced early in my career. This is not just a problem in Hollywood. It happens in charities, tooI was 18 or 19. He was much older, and a very, very senior manager in a global charity. He forced his tongue in my mouth. I remember the feeli[...]
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17 hours ago
iles explained to Complex via email: "We all go through hard times, but between these dope beats and supportive vocals vibes, I hope this social work music feels like positive support from afar." Miles Bonny's Let It Out EP is out now on Bastard Jazz.
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17 hours ago
We come from a social work perspective where we can really focus on that victim and make sure that we're addressing all types of impacts that they're facing," she said. One of the main tasks of a victim specialist, Darr said, is trying to understand the ...
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17 hours ago
o far, Sutter has matched investments by local governments to buy housing, pay rents and provide social services for homeless people. It wasn’t until 2015, after Price tried to commit suicide and spent a week recovering at Dignity Hospital, that things ...
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18 hours ago
This market has resulted in a huge homeless population as well as a huge strain on schools and social services.” Mitigating Explosive Growth King County’s population of people experiencing homelessness rose above 11,600 this year, up nearly 900 ...
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19 hours ago
We will be guarantors of social services as long as we have the ability to collect taxes,” said Junqueras. He said the central government doesn’t have the means to provide the services that citizens are entitled to. Spain’s biggest regional ...
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21 hours ago
During three days sitting deep into the night and against sometimes bizarre objections, an exhausted yet determined government persevered That was ridiculous. Victoria’s lower house parliamentarians may have given themselves a hearty clap at about 11.20am Friday, after sitting for 25 hours straigh[...]

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Childhood emotional, behavioral, and social problems are serious developmental challenges affecting the lives of a substantial number of youths. Estimates suggest that 20 percent of children in the United States have difficulty with attention, disruptive behavior, and mood. Severe social, emotional,[...]

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11 hours ago
Over the past few decades, the role of religion and spirituality in health and mental health clients’ lives has caught the attention of a variety of helping professionals, including social workers. Research indicates that not only does the inclusion of religion and spirituality have the potential [...]
1 day ago
By Alison Laurio, News contributor A 4-year-old boy was brought into a North Carolina hospital emergency room in August after his mother’s boyfriend picked him up by his legs and threw him across the room. He told his grandmother, “Mommy didn’t protect me.” Family violence happens every day [...]
3 days ago
Last week, President Trump took steps to further undermine the health security of millions of Americans by ending a critical cost sharing program for low income individuals and removing vital consumer protections on the sale of health insurance. While few observers of the health care debate are surp[...]
3 days ago
Posted October 17, 2017  As a member of the consortium Partners for Understanding Pain, NASW observed Pain Awareness Month in September. Although the observance has ended, NASW encourages social workers to educate their colleagues and clients about resources to prevent and address pain—and to adv[...]
4 days ago
Social worker Rufus Sylvester Lynch says one out of three children in our nation would better thrive if public policy was more inclusive of fathers’ contributions to the well-being of children. Research and studies show that children who are involved with their fathers, even when they don’t live[...]
1 week ago
NASW is now accepting compelling proposals for the 2018 NASW National Conference, “Shaping Tomorrow Together,”  which will take place June 20-23, 2018 in Washington, DC. Submit your proposal today as an individual, symposium, or poster presentation to be considered as a presenter and showcase y[...]