13 hours ago
Probation chief for England and Wales says ministry payments come from windfall savings
Private probation companies responsible for supervising more than 200,000 offenders in England and Wales face total losses of more than £100m, even after a £342m “bailout” by the Ministry of Justice, MPs[...]
Criminal Justice
14 hours ago
TV presenter Simon Thomas, whose wife died from a rare form of blood cancer last year, is calling for better training of GPsThe Sky Sports presenter Simon Thomas has revealed that doctors missed his wife’s blood cancer three times in the days before her death.Thomas called for better training of G[...]
16 hours ago
This week we were told that rats didn’t spread the plague, the Aztecs weren’t wiped out by smallpox and ‘whipping boys’ may never have actually existed. So what other ‘facts’ are historically suspect?You wait years for a historical theory to be debunked and then three come around at once[...]
16 hours ago
Columbia University School of Social Work lecturer recently came to the defense of socialism by blaming capitalism for both world wars and “centuries of slavery.” Professor Anthony Zenkus, who frequently lectures on income inequality and poverty ...
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17 hours ago
mma's mother said she has contacted Wood County Social Services. "They are doing an investigation with Helping Hands, the school district and the bus garage," Zimmel said. Newsline 9 reached out to Helping Hands of Central Wisconsin but received no comment.
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18 hours ago
My daughter, Lindsay Riddoch, who has taken her own life aged 24, was an ardent and articulate advocate for better mental health services. She was a fiercely independent thinker and debater who was intent on exposing injustice, and if she saw something wrong she would try to put it right. She often [...]
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18 hours ago
hey also plan to stay in touch with the Red Cross and Social Services in case they need them. All emergency services staff will be on standby Wednesday night. Kinlaw encourages people to stay off the roads if the weather is bad. Related Article ...
General Social Work
19 hours ago
olunteer work is the backbone of any community. It’s been a part of our society since America’s inception, à la Benjamin Franklin’s volunteer firehouse in 1736. Now it’s 2018, and the selfless intentions of our forefathers still ring true across ...
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19 hours ago
even of the alleged victims were adults and the others were children as young as 2. Mary Parks, senior public information officer for Riverside County Social Services, told ABC News today that the main priority is for the minors to be taken care of by the ...
General Social WorkChildren and ParentingHealth and CareGerontology
20 hours ago
Putting my life down on paper – and looking back over my work as a learning disabilities campaigner – helped me to become me, rather than part of a twoI live with a learning difficulty: dyspraxia. In my case, this means I am awkward, clumsy and I don’t see the world as others do. I live in a w[...]
20 hours ago
Data showing 33,000 nurses left in 2016-17 triggers warning of ‘dangerous and downward spiral’One in 10 nurses are leaving the NHS in England each year, according to official figures, raising fresh concerns about staffing shortages in hospitals.Data published by NHS Digital on Wednesday shows th[...]
HealthHealth and CareGovernment Policy
20 hours ago
Despite efforts to amend the law, the act isn’t going anywhere. Charities can avoid falling foul of the guidelines by following five simple rulesMuch has been made of the “chilling effect” of the Lobbying Act on charities and the attacks on campaigners’ freedom of speech by the government. T[...]
CharitiesCharities and VolunteerismGerontology
22 hours ago
The Perspective Project hosts art, poetry and writing with the aim of ending stigma and providing an outlet for those with mental health problems. The 24-year-old founder, Mark Anscombe, is already sharing the work of over 30 artists from around the UK, US and Canada, all of whom have various mental[...]
HealthHealth and CareMental Health
22 hours ago
Women say requirement to disclose past convictions criminalises trafficking victimsA group of former prostitutes have taken a ground-breaking legal challenge to the high court, arguing that government policy criminalises victims of abuse and trafficking.The women argue they have been stigmatised by [...]
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By Paul R. Pace, News staff  The world needs an interdisciplinary approach more than ever to address the social, political, technological and climate challenges of today and the future, says Ambassador Wendy Sherman, a newly appointed NASW Social Work Pioneer ®  Political solutions c[...]

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As we begin the new year, it seems like a good time to provide an update on the Association’s ongoing Modernization Initiative.  We’re pleased to report that the implementation of the initiative is proceeding, for the most part, according to schedule.  We are now in the middle of the second ph[...]
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By Alison Laurio, News contributor When J. David Hawkins was a probation officer in the 1980s, he thought, “Isn’t there something we should have done to prevent these kids from getting to this place?” Programs from that period like “Just Say No” and “Scared Straight” just didn’t work[...]