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he morning papers include a claim by two opposition leaders that a government reform of health and social services will devastate care services ... that the rosy future of a possible health and social service (see: Yle News explains: What is Sote?)
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11 hours ago
Theresa May says party has delivered ‘real steps towards tackling domestic violence’, but wants to go furtherTheresa May has promised to create a new aggravated offence when domestic violence is directed towards a child to allow perpetrators to be punished for longer if she wins the election. Sh[...]
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Tired of people misunderstanding OCD, the UK model and writer decided to share her secret inner world. Here she answers 10 questions about the fourth most common mental illness1. Your extremely compelling book, Because We Are Bad, details your life with obsessive compulsive disorder. You are 23 now [...]
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ansas DCF claims its last contact with the family was in 2012 when Michael and the kids moved to Missouri. Missouri Department of Social Services also has a lengthy record with the family. However, nothing in those records shows MDSS was ever made aware ...
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17 hours ago
Lawyers for six men who made claims against late Labour peer say they will work with national child abuse inquiry insteadLegal proceedings against Greville Janner have ended after six men dropped their civil claim of child sexual abuse against the late Labour peer. The claimants’ lawyers, Slater a[...]
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17 hours ago
Today’s glasses, 450ml compared with 65ml 300 years ago, encourage consumption, Cambridge scientist tells Hay festivalWine glasses have increased in size from a capacity of 65ml 300 years ago to 450ml today and the change has encouraged us to drink far more than we should, according to a behaviour[...]
18 hours ago
Amber Rudd says Tories are unsure about maximum people should have to pay and will consider options after 8 JuneTheresa May will not reveal at what level the Conservatives’ social care policy will be capped before the election, members of her cabinet have admitted.The Tories announced there would [...]
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Social workers work with clients who face various disadvantages due to social stigma, discrimination, and oppression. These disadvantages range from race, to ethnic origins, to gender, to sexual orientation, and beyond. One important factor in social stigma and discrimination that social workers nee[...]

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By Paul R. Pace, News staff NASW chapters remain on alert after focused attempts to eliminate or alter licensing requirements for social workers and other professionals are on the rise. In one of the latest examples, NASW members and social workers turned out in force to voice opposition to a bill p[...]